Q: Who uses UAV/Drone aerial imagery?

A: Great News!  It's available for EVERYONE!  Residential and commercial realtors, business-owners, social events, wedding planners, golf courses, sporting & corporate events, car dealerships, family activities, and surveillance to name a few enjoy the advantage aerial photography offers.  Our company concept is simple: you tell us what to capture and we will bring your inspirations to expression.  There is nothing too big or small.  For more information please request a free quote

Q: What are the advantages of UAV/Drones vs. Google Maps or helicopters?

A: This is a two-part answer.  UAV/Drone aerial imagery is a versatile and fresh approach in shooting aerial media.  Google Maps is an effective tool, but the quality and accuracy are inadequate.  The images are poor, unclear and outdated.  With UAV/Drone aerial imagery, you receive premium-quality images/videos and real-time accuracy and content.  You see the landscape as it is in its current state, not as it was months or even years ago.

Although there are numerous advantages to using UAV/Drone equipment over contracting a helicopter, the main advantage is simply the cost.  Helicopters are expensive.  For less than half the cost clients can now get the same and better service for their aerial imagery needs.  Another important advantage of using UAV/Drones instead of a helicopter is the versatility.  Simply stated, helicopters can not go where our UAV/Drones can go therefore they can not provide the unique angles and perspectives that our aircrafts can provide. 

Q: What type of aerial equipment do you use?

A: At Aerial Agents, we pride ourselves on staying "on the top" (no pun intended) of this cutting-edge aerial technology.  In our ever-growing fleet, we have the advantage of flying quadcopters (4 propellers), hexacopters (6 propellers), and octocopters (8 propellers), depending on the unique nature of each job.  All of our machines are equipped with professional aerial photography equipment, although our larger machines are truly designed for professional aerial photography and videography.  Each is equipped with cinematic-quality gimbals that provide us maximum shooting stabilization during flight. Our professional photography cameras attached to these machines provide high-dynamic range images.  The photographs and videos these machines produce is comparable to major-media productions, and until now was never offered at the consumer-level.

Q: What is 4k?

A: 4k resolution, or ULTRA HD, is the standard in the movie projection industry.  4k refers to the display device having horizontal resolution with 4,000 pixels.  Currently, all of our ground production is shot in 4k, soon we will be taking it to the sky!  Once again, providing superior-quality using the best technology in media production at an affordable price. 

Q: Is the use of UAV/Drones safe?

A: Aerial Agents follows strict safety guidelines set-forth by the FAA and as, our own company policy.  We hire only experienced pilots and do thorough equipment diagnosis before and after each flight.  As long-time RC hobbyist, we understand the capabilities and mechanical engineering of our aircrafts.  Abiding by proper safety guidelines and completing thorough aircraft diagnosis, UAV's are very safe and versatile aircrafts with a vast array of capabilities.  With that being said and safety as priority number one, Aerial Agents, LLC assesses each flight and determines whether the current flight conditions are suitable for a successful mission.  If the flight conditions are deemed unsuitable by our pilots, we will say "no." 

Q: Do you carry insurance?

A: Yes, Aerial Agents, LLC carries $1,000,000 of general liability aviation insurance on all our aircrafts.  We understand the risks involved while flying and although highly unlikely, mechanical malfunction can happen.