who we are

Aerial Agents is Northeast Ohio's premier aerial photography and videography company.  As life-long hobbyists of all things remote-control (ie: airplanes, helicopters, boats) and photography, we decided to launch into something new and exciting with the recent advancements in modern UAS technology to provide everyone the opportunity to receive professional photography and videography "from the top".  At Aerial Agents, we pride ourselves on offering courteous, professional and affordable services while discussing your aerial opportunities. We hope to serve you and all the surrounding areas with some new and exciting angles while capturing your inspirations.

what we do

We pilot only state-of-the-art unmanned aerial systems equipped with professional photography cameras and video recorders. Aerial photography and videography provides an unique vantage point to see everyday life or special events. With safety as priority number one, we feel that wherever a camera is present aerial opportunities can exist. Our company concept is simple: you tell us what to capture and we bring your inspiration to expression.