who we are

Aerial Agents is Northeast Ohio's premier professional, experienced aerial photography and videography company.  Our founders, life-long hobbyists of photography, and also of all things remote-control (ie: airplanes, helicopters, boats), decided to launch into something new and exciting when advancements in modern UAV technology were developed; our desire is to provide everyone with the opportunity to receive professional photography and videography "from the top." 

At Aerial Agents, we pride ourselves on offering courteous, professional, and affordable services, while providing you with outstanding aerial view opportunities.  Our services are designed to provide you with captivating aerial imagery that captures your inspiration.

about our ceo/founder - thomas wasinski

Tom has been a remote pilot for over 5 years, and is commercially licensed through the FAA to fly for your business purposes. Mr. Wasinski has flown for over 10,000 hours; he has a keen eye for capturing inspiring still images and exciting video; and he and his team make the magic happen using the latest editing software in the Aerial Agents media production studio. Previously, Tom worked in the automotive industry to deliver photo and video services to dealerships all over the United States. Additionally, he's spent over 15 years in data-collection related positions. Tom has trained other drone pilots, is considered an expert in aerial imaging, and has served as a member on the advisory board for US Congresswoman Marcia Fudge, who has put together an innovative program to increase awareness, education and utilization of science, technology, recreation, engineering, arts, and mathematics fields in our region.  Mr. Wasinski is the founder and former President of one of Ohio's Largest Youth Football programs, The Parma Seminoles Youth Football organization. He enjoys Cleveland sports, Cleveland restaurants, and shooting hoops.  Mr. Wasinski lives in the Cleveland, Ohio area with his wife and son.

Aerial Agents are leaders in their photography/video niche, capturing stunning images from high above.  Their photographs evoke an emotional essence with creative beauty. The staff is incredibly professional.  They communicate thoroughly and with assurance.  They are delightful to work with and deliver an amazing service and product.  The artistic quality to their images is outstanding and I am grateful for their work!
— Tammy Lyons of Believe in CLE Yoga Movement

what we do

We pilot only state-of-the-art, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) equipped with professional photography cameras and video recorders.  Our company concept is simple: you show us what to capture and we bring your inspiration to expression.  Aerial photography and videography provides a unique vantage point to see everyday life, and elevates special occasions from nice to spectacular.  We feel that wherever a camera is present, aerial opportunities exist.  With safety as priority number one, we eagerly anticipate working with developers, commercial property managers, realtors, business owners, nonprofits & charities, photographers, event planners, musicians, athletes, and anyone interested in obtaining an aerial perspective. 


 2018 Top Photographer, Google Maps, recognition for 150,000,000 photo views

Best of Cleveland 2015, People and Places:  Aerial Agents Awarded

"Best Birds Eye View of Cleveland" by Cleveland Scene Magazine