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Flying Colors • 21 Awesome Ohio Fall Foliage Photos

Flying Colors • 21 Awesome Ohio Fall Foliage Photos

There is no doubt that Ohio is home to some of the most amazing fall scenes. Northeast Ohio is even featured in the 10BEST by USA TODAY

USA Today had this to say: "Although the last few weeks of October typically boast the best colors, the wide breadth of different trees – dogwood, sugar maples, even hazelnut – peak at varying times, offering visitors a fall spectrum of color the entire month."

We love this time of year and so do our clients. Here are the Aerial Agents "Staff Picks" of our teams best photos from the 2015 Fall season. 

Port Clinton, OH

Ladue Reservoir in Geauga County

Sand Ridge Golf Club in Chardon, Ohio

Rose Lake in Hocking Hills, Ohio | photo by: Chris Migchelbrink

Private Lake in Hiram, Ohio

North Royalton, Ohio

Rocky River, Ohio

Hocking Hills, Ohio | photo by: Chris Migchelbrink

Sand Ridge Golf Club in Chardon, Ohio

Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Wadsworth, OH

Sharon Township, Ohio

North Royalton, OH

Troy Township, Ohio

Rocky River, Ohio

Auburn, Ohio

Hiram, Ohio

LaDue Reservoir in Geagua County

South Chagrin Reservation | photo by Chris Migchelbrink

Canfield, Ohio

Private Estate in Hiram, OH

Drones are a perfect tool to showcase Architecture

Drones are a perfect tool to showcase Architecture

Aerial Agents is the industry leader when it comes to showcasing new and exciting properties that are available. Our equipment allows us to put a camera just about anywhere surrounding the target. This allows us to capture media from many different angles. 

Amazing architecture needs to showcased. See what we did for WXZ Development below. They put together 3 incredible structures near University Circle, and asked us to help them show them off. 

New Horizons for Aerial Photography

New Horizons for Aerial Photography

A/V-equipped drones offer unique perspectives for the real estate, construction communities

By Thomas Wasinski

Aerial Agents

      Aerial photography has long been a friend to the construction, architecture and real estate industries, providing valuable, aesthetically attractive imagery of prospective properties, construction sites and completed building projects alike. Among their typical uses, aerial photos and videos assist in land surveys, development planning and marketing real estate. However, until recently, there were only three options for capturing aerial photography: airplane, helicopter or blimp. That is no longer the case. Today, unmanned aerial systems (i.e., drones) are revolutionizing the discipline and they are quickly becoming the go-to option for any aerial media that might be required. 

      This is because drones are able to hit the “sweet spot.” Most unmanned aerial systems, especially multi-rotors, are designed for low to mid altitude. That is 400 feet and below, that typically provides an ideal vantage point which is close enough to provide great detail, but elevated enough to capture a physically large area from a unique angle. 

Abundant applications

      The drone business is quickly growing into a billion dollar industry. That is because they can serve so many industries and satisfy needs that have been around for years. For example, about 45,000 annual bridge inspections could be conducted with small drones. Most bridge inspections currently employ hydraulic mobile cranes called “snoopers.” The average cost of an inspection using a snooper is $3,250. Cable bridge inspections are even more expensive because they often require a 200-foot aerial lift. Now the service can be delivered at a fraction of that cost. 

      They can save lives in other industries. There were more than 95 fatalities from 2004 to 2012 involving climbers working on towers. By using drone technology, that risk can be eliminated entirely by having the drone do all of the elevated monitoring. In other cases, companies are working on a solution to deliver defibrillators to people suffering from cardiac arrest. These are just a few examples of drones’ many applications.  

New rules

      The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently unveiled new proposed rules regarding the operation of commercial drones, which previously were effectively banned unless the operator carried a special permit requiring a licensed pilot. The new guidelines essentially allow drones to fly legally for commercial purposes if traveling below 500 feet during daylight hours and within the operators’ sight. These rules are largely favorable to companies that want to use small drones for commercial purposes, potentially leading to the widespread flights by unmanned aircraft performing aerial photography, crop monitoring, inspections of cell towers and bridges, and other work. 

      The Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), an industry trade association, estimates that small, commercial drones will create 70,000 jobs with an economic impact of more than $13.6 billion in the first three years after their integration into U.S. skies.

About multi-rotors

      Multi-rotors or “drones” can have anywhere from three to 10 propellers on arms that extend from the body of the craft. Each propeller is attached to a small, yet strong motor that produces enough thrust to elevate a craft weighing up to 55 pounds. They are battery powered and can stay in the air for as long as 25 minutes, although larger multi-rotors can only fly for approximately 12 minutes. 

      Many crafts are equipped with brushless gimbals. Having a brushless gimbal allows aerial video to come out smooth and steady despite vibration of the craft, orientation of the craft, and wind gusts. However, the brains are the most amazing part of the machine. Whether your flight is manual or autonomous, the craft will know where it is at all times. Through the use of GPS, the drone knows where it is and will stay in the same exact spot when left in a hover, waiting for its next command. 

      These capabilities pair well with the latest advancements in camera technology. For instance, today’s 4k Ultra High-Definition cameras provide footage that is four times the quality of standard 1080 resolution. When all of these different pieces are working together, the results are more than extraordinary. 

Fresh angle

      In summary, the future looks bright for the use of drones to deliver stunning aerial photos and videos for a wide range of uses. In Northeast Ohio and beyond, informed property owners/managers, builders and real estate professionals are beginning to see the value in partnering with a forward-thinking company specializing in these exciting new technologies. 

Thomas Wasinski is a life-long RC enthusiast who naturally found a way to incorporate his business with a hobby to deliver a complete solution. He started Aerial Agents with Patrick DeStefanis in 2013, first taking on assignments for industrial recycling, real estate agents, car dealerships and sporting events. The brand has quickly grown and today Aerial Agents consults for a vast array of industries all across the country including construction, hospitality, manufacturing, TV/film and more.

10 Reasons to Market Your Listings with Video

     With the emerging popularity of online video, what real estate agent wouldn't want at least a little bit of video attached to their listing? There are more then a few reasons why you would want video and not many reason why you wouldn't. Photos are great and engaging text content is equally important, but nothing may quite tell the story the way a video can. A video can truly give you the power to reach anyone.  

Aerial Imagery used to capture a sprawling property of this lovely Ohio home. 

Aerial Imagery used to capture a sprawling property of this lovely Ohio home. 

Here are the Top 10 reasons to have a video made specifically for your listing.

#10 YouTube is the #2 Search Engine in the WORLD! 

After Google, YouTube the biggest search engine. 3 billion people search YouTube for recipes, comedy, products and properties a month.  Be sure to have a great hd property tour of your listing so you can be sure that you are doing all that you can for your customer. When you incorporate aerial footage into your listing, it really gives a cinematic effect that is sure increase interest. If you don't have a property video you're missing out on potential buyers. Please see the infographic from Mushroom Networks about the impact that YouTube has on the internet.  

#9 Other Agents will become familiar with your home 

There is no real way that an agent can become familiar with all the listings that are on the market at any given time. By incorporating video into your listing, you are at least providing the opportunity for other agents to get intimate with your home. The agents have the buyers who are ready to go NOW! And they only want to suggest properties to their clients that they are confident they will like. A well made video saves the agent a trip to preview your property (whenever they can fit it into their schedule). You won't have to ready your home for the agent to tour it to see if it will meet their clients expectations, and the agent can send your property to their clients right away with confidence.


#8 Homes with videos are proven to increase interest 

The saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words" and cliché rebuttal to that is "well then how many is a video worth". It is fair to say that both are just as valuable. However, photographs aren't able to capture the inspiration that a property has as well as video can, especially aerial video for that matter. Once the viewer is engaged in your video, they will know whether it is for them or if it isn't. 

#7 Hiring a experienced video team will instantly make you look like a marketing genius and a consummate professional

The service at Aerial Agents was put in place to fill a void within the marketplace. There are always so many nice homes on the market and sometimes the listings include less then desirable photos that were taken with an iPhone! That leaves a Real Estste agent no room to consider themselves a marketing professional. Investing in video with boost your sales rate, your reputation and your perceived intelligence. After all, People who are trying to sell their home are trusting you with their most valuable asset. 

#6 You Will Be Forced To Get Your Home 100% Showing Ready

Your listing video has the potential to inspire dreams! There's something that's a little more fun about getting your home ready for its film debut then getting it ready for some strangers to tromp through it. Grab onto that spark of cinematic inspiration and make your house its best version of itself. Think of it as a movie set and declutter, brighten with lamps and by removing (if only temporarily) light blocking window dressings. Do that at the beginning and you'll be able to keep it that way. It won't be such a drag to get ready when those strangers do show up to tromp through. Staging early will help with the video, the photos, and SHOWINGS!

#5 The Service Won't Break the Bank

I can't speak for every company that offers real estate videos, but at Aerial Agents we offer packages that start at $400 that includes exterior video (ground and aerial perspectives) and interior video. This package also includes photos and a flyer designed specifically for that listing.

#4 Easy to Share

Now that every online video comes with a share function, It allows for increased audience sizes that would have otherwise never been seen, liked or shared. 

#3 It's easy to Persuade People with Video

It is one thing to write down the reasons why someone should buy the house you are selling. But, it is quite another to actually see the way the house is laid out. Using video is your opportunity to truly show off everything your listing has to offer. 

#2 Flatter Your Customer! 

Nothing says "I Care" like putting your all into making your customer happy. When you order a video to be made of their house, It's gets exciting for them almost like they are living in "The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" Robin Leach voiceover not included.  

#1 Views of Properties With Video Tours are 10-1 Over Properties Without Videos

It's a FACT. Decision makers don't always have the time to read lengthy text. It's much easier for someone to tell the story for them. Click HERE to read the latest report from Website Magazine about some "In Your Face" facts about how helpful video can be. 

So now you have 10 good reasons to incorporate videos into your listings. It is as easy as picking up the phone and calling us at 440-241-1677. We WANT to help you and could get started right away. Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you need advice on your own DIY Real Estate videos, we are here to help with that too. e-mail us at:



Written by Thomas Wasinski

Founder of Aerial Agents, LLC