Aerial videos have been the top, affordable and fastest source of marketing for tourism. Different niches acquainted with travel like hotels, resorts, travel agencies and adventure spots to iconic landmarks and lifestyle destinations are tapping into drones to boost their tourism marketing.

Instead of the traditional fly by plane or helicopter to get a good aerial shot which costs thrice as much, marketers can now do away with this expensive technique that requires more manpower and replace it with just one person controlling a drone from the comforts of their establishment.

A Stable Investment to the Travel Industry

Drones are affordable, handy and can be controlled by one person registered as a drone pilot with a commercial license for carrying out your promotions. This is a good investment that won’t cost you a million. Aside from this, your drone pilot can get prior training in just a week or less from supporting drone companies. Far from being a fad, the drone business is sure to last for years considering its user friendly and convenient features.

The Glass Window in the Bahamas.

The Glass Window in the Bahamas.

Promoting Public and Environmental Causes to Travelers

Aside from travel businesses benefitting from drone marketing, numerous government tourism offices and environmental protection organizations can promote a cause that can go viral with the use of aerial videos that explain how travelers can come to a place with the right knowledge about how to go about with their destination.

Faster Marketing Mileage on Social Media

Videos receive the biggest clicks and likes on social media. Aerial videos make the difference all the more because aspiring travelers get to see a 360 degree perspective of what the place is all about in just minutes. This helps get more conversion in online travel bookings at a much faster pace.

More Room for Video Storytelling

Drones have the capacity to get unique angles without limitations especially when its flying on the air and require minimal setup unlike traditional videography gadgets so there’s more room for a good video story.

Public Square in Cleveland, Ohio • December 2017

Public Square in Cleveland, Ohio • December 2017

Sparks Adventure and Excitement Among Travelers

Aerial videos offer your potential customers with a thrill of a lifetime by capturing real life adventures caught by the drone that encourages professionals and students to travel more often.

If you’re planning to get started with your own tourism promotions, then it’s time to put your skills and your money to good use with commercial drones that fit your budget. There are plenty of drones in the market that are well suited to different travel industries at affordable rates.