What was once the biggest mall in the world is turning into a big pile of rubble.

Say good bye to the Randall Park Mall on the edge of Cleveland. The demolition crew started working Monday on what was billed as the biggest shopping center in the world back when it was built in 1976.

It is a potent symbol of the end of a different era. Once the centers of American retail and culture, many malls have slipped into decline, and even ruin. The trend is especially true for malls that once served the working class people in areas that have slipped into economic despair.

Aerial Agents, who is Cleveland's premier aerial photography company was on site to capture the historic moment in history. 

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Seph Lawless is known for exploring abandoned spaces and documenting their imminent collapse. In 2012, he set out across the United States to photograph the “most broken parts of America.” He came back with approximately 3,000 images and 17 hours of video footage. Earlier this year Lawless released his book, Autopsy of America, a culmination of that work. View some of his photos at TwistedSifter.com

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