UAV Aerial Videography is a new and exciting approach for capturing media.  Usually, because it captures media from a unique and personal level allowing our minds to visually see where we normally do not.  Our video is captured by piloting highly-technological, low-altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) aircrafts that integrate Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and automated image processing to improve the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of our media collections.  We are the pioneering provider of FAA 333 approved aerial footage and still photography in our market. This means you don't have to worry about costly fines from the FAA for utilizing drone services that are not FAA approved or 333 exempt. You can feel confident when using Aerial Agents UAV video services.   

As important as effective piloting can be, the final product is delivered in the editing room, where we have years of video editing expertise.  Originally, filming and editing wedding celebrations and interior real estate, aerial footage editing was something we were excited to begin implementing in our services.  With our state-of-the-art editing software, we will make your photographs and videos appear straight out of a magazine or motion picture.

UAV aerial videography is an innovative and next-level form of cinematography which allows us to capture angles and perspectives that were previously unattainable at an affordable cost.  Why should you have to pay through the roof and use a helicopter or aircraft to capture aerial media when the versatility, affordability, and perspective of a UAV is unparalleled.  


our fleet

As what started out as enthusiasts of RC airplanes and boats, we decided to launch into business with the recent technological advancements of modern UAV's.  The flying concepts and mechanical know-how were intertwined and an opportunity was born.  With an ever-growing fleet of aircrafts, which currently consists of quadcopters (4 propeller aircraft) customized state-of-the-art hexacopters (6 propeller aircrafts) and octocopters (8 propeller aircrafts) both equipped with gimballed, HDR imagery, 24.3 megapixel cameras, we can efficiently and effectively accomplish any objective with superior resolution.  Depending on the versatility of the job, will determine the size and quantity of UAV's we will need to launch in the air.