Cleveland Neighborhoods

Tremont • Aerial Photography

Tremont, was originally part of Brooklyn Township and from 1836 until 1854 was a section of what is now its sister neighborhood, Ohio City, when the latter was an independent town. Both were later annexed by the city of Cleveland, but Tremont remained since 1867.

Today, the neighborhood is home to artists and galleries, award-winning restaurants featuring fine food and authentic ethnic cuisine, boutique shops, upscale housing and rehabbed Victorians, churches, institutions, parks, libraries and coffee shops. Learn more about Tremont on their website.

Intersection of Professor Ave and Jefferson Ave in Tremont, Ohio 

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is the center of Tremont, one of Cleveland's oldest neighborhoods. ... After the Civil War, University Heights becameLincoln Heights to commemorate the area's role as the site of two Union Army camps. At this time (around 1867), the neighborhood was annexed to Cleveland.

Taste of Tremont in Tremont, Ohio

Taste of Tremont

The street festival will be held in the heart of Tremont’'s “restaurant district” and showcases the best of Tremont’'s food, art and entertainment.  Professor Avenue will be blocked off, inclusive of commercial areas from Fairfield to Starkweather. The best part is that admission is free.

Zion United Church of Christ - 2716 W 14th St, Cleveland, OH 44113

Tremont is home to the largest concentration of historic churches in the country.

The area was settled in the early and mid-19th century by central and eastern European immigrants and many of the churches they built still flourish today. Onion domes and tall spires are majestic and picture-worthy. One church, St. Theodosius, was featured in the 1970s movie, The Deer Hunter.

Intersection of Professor Ave and Jefferson Ave in Tremont, Ohio at sunset.

The gazebo in Lincoln park in Tremont, Ohio

Looking towards the Cleveland skyline while directly above Tremont, Ohio.