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The small town of Doylestown in all of it's glory. Doylestown was officially founded and recorded on Christmas Day, 1827, by William Doyle, a Scotch-Irish Pennsylvanian who first settled in Ohio in Milton Township, some six miles west of his soon-to-be-namesake. Upon moving to the village, Doyle employed a carpenter, John Montgomery, to help him build the first building, a log tavern. Soon after, Doyle encouraged family and friends from Pennsylvania to join him. Opportunity already existed in the surrounding lowlands of the hilltop town with streams flush with running water to power mills.

Woolen mills brought commerce to Doylestown, but nothing could prepare it for the mining boom when coal was discovered in the deep hollows southeast of the village in 1840. Known as Rogues' Hollow for the wild goings-on of miners seeking work after the canals were completed, the hollow was congested with saloons, houses of ill repute, disease, dust and Sunday dog fights.

Uptown" (as the village is referred to by surrounding residents) entrepreneurs developed pottery works, aluminumware and aluminum welding, and in 1861 John F. Seiberling, father of the future founder of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. of Akron, arrived and opened the Excelsior Mowers and Droppers factory, the premiere farm equipment company of its time. The boom brought craftsmen and merchants from surrounding states to Doylestown via the Ohio and Erie Canal, which brought passengers and goods from Lake Erie to Clinton, Ohio, east of Doylestown. The eventual influx of Roman Catholics led to the building of SS Peter and Paul R.C. Church, recognized as the first church built in the massive Cleveland Diocese. Doylestown's economic downfall took place when on May 16, 1910, a fire destroyed the mower works and eventually the village's altitude made the cost and logistics of receiving and shipping goods too prohibitive. Also, in 1910 the Chippewa High School was built. This building is now the 5th grade building for the Middle School.

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Offering a Summer Concert Series, a Farmers Market, Christmas at the Square, and Rogues' Hollow Festival, Doylestown has something for everyone! Learn more about Doylestown on their website.