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The all new Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio looks amazing!

The all new Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio looks amazing!

So many updates to the newly renovated Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village, a world-class and state-of-the-art $700 million development of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s campus being spearhead by the Hall of Fame and Industrial Realty Group. Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village is a project that aligns with Hall of Fame’s Mission, Values and Vision and its standing as “The Most Inspiring Place on Earth!” for all those who will play the Game, played the Game and love the Game. The foundation for a wide-ranging array of programming will be the Hall’s five core values – commitment, integrity, courage, respect and excellence – that can be learned from the Game.

The Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium

The venue will be a spectacular sports and entertainment complex that will include a permanent stage built into the stands.

AEP Ohio, a unit of American Electric Power and AEP Ohio Transmission Company Inc., installed custom transmission structures designed to resemble football field goal posts as part of a $7 million project to improve reliability for customers and strengthen the power grid in the Canton, Ohio, area.

National Youth Football & Sports Complex

Eight state-of-the-art turf fields that will be multi-purposed, lighted and equipped with the latest technology and video capabilities. The sports complex will include full world-class amenities, a football sized concourse area and a championship field with 3,000 seats. Three fields opened in 2016, will grow to five in 2017 and the complex will be completed in spring of 2018.


An independent economic feasibility study was completed in May 2015 that indicates Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village will have a dramatic impact on the region and state for decades. During its peak year, the project will create more than 13,000 new jobs; and over a 25-year period, Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village will generate $15.3 billion in cumulative net new total economic output within Stark County, home of Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village.

Watch the drone video below to see the entire Hall of Fame village from all angles. 

Apple Drones? {concept}

Apple Drones? {concept}

Can you imagine? The company that is responsible for delivering the most innovate smartphone ever getting into the drone business? There are already rumors swirling that they are getting in the car business after stealing some Tesla employees. If any company is going to make one, why not Apple? They have the most resources to put to good use. 

With this in mind, a gentleman called Eric Huismann decided to work on creating a concept for what could only be called the iDrone – or Apple Drone. Designed in such a way that it would be unmistakably Apple, the drone features telltale clean white lines and plenty of technology to boot.

Beyond the way it looks – and it does look gorgeous – the Apple Drone concept features no fewer than four video cameras all capable of working together to create one giant, panoramic view that could be used to stream video to something like YouTube. This view would also make navigation a doddle via a separate controller, according to its designer.

Of course, all of this is largely irrelevant because this is a concept that has come completely out of left field. As far as we know there has been no rumor of Apple working on its own drone, and if we are perfectly honest, we see no reason for it to consider it either. Regardless though, this Apple Drone concept looks lovely and we have no doubt plenty would buy one.

Just don’t start planning to line up outside any Apple Stores just yet.

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